Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Hmmmm. Diaperless Sleeping Baby Boy

It's a strange sight to check on your child and find him sleeping peacefully in his crib not at all like you left him.... because really, I had a diaper on him.

I should have known we were in for an interesting afternoon when he wouldn't go to sleep and kept taking his diaper off and then peed over his pillow......

but when I left for town, he was sleeping and diapered.

He is still sleeping.

Sleeping oh so peacefully with his dukeys.

and sucking his fingers...

and this is on the floor...

guess he doesn't like to be confined anymore, huh? What shall we do from here, I have no idea. None whatsoever. In fact, I sent Melynda in to get him because I just love getting reactions from people.

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  1. I had so many of these moments when my five were growing up. Guess he is getting to the stage when he will be a big boy and won't need those restricting diapers any more. Couldn't you just hug that little sleeping beauty. I hope you were in time before the ''inevitable happened.

    Love Granny


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