Wednesday, August 02, 2006

An evening with Uncle Larry

I had an open house candle show, Roy was working and my parents were busy so... I called Uncle Larry (my brother) to see if he would be home and could watch Paco for an hour. He said yes so off we went, cars in our little bag to see Uncle Larry.

Paco puddled up a little bit when I left but my bro is very matter-of-fact and he opened the front door and said, "See, she's gone. You're here with me. Are we going to feed the turtle?" Enough said! Antonio had a great time! Didn't think much of the worm the turtle ate since it was moving.... fed the puppies and then got to ride the 4-wheeler, his fave at Uncle's.

About the little bag with cars in it... it's orange and supposed to be an animal carrier for stuffed animals (one). It has a little hole for its head, says "Favorite Pet" on the side and on the other side, two hearts stitched on it. Yes, it was Taylor's, but we borrowed it for Paco. Well, I guess he kept calling it his "purse." This did not go over well with Uncle. So, they went out to the shed and Paco got a "new camo backpack!" Very manly. Not cute. All boy. Antonio's instructions: "When you get home, you take your cars, put them in the backpack, get rid of the purse, never to be seen with you again!" Paco agreed so all were happy. We followed these instructions when we got home, too.

Another bonus was - a new hat! As you can see, he looks WAY to big all decked out in his big boy gear. I think they both had fun and that's what matters. Memories.

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