Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Food Waste Reduction Report #2 and MORE!

Another good week. I made a soup out of leftover rice and lentil beans that honestly was NOT my favorite. But, we ate it for supper TWO nights in a row. Before taking this challenge, we would have had it one night and I would have decided to let it mold in the refer before eating it again. It wasn't bad it just wasn't good! But we ate it. All of us. And we were respectful eating it without complaining (too much). So, no waste those two days. None at all!

I did toss to the worms & compost pile the last bites of a burrito from toddler. I just couldn't eat it after he had mashed it all up and slobbered on it. ;)

The refrigerator is still cleaned out as I am making a point of actually eating what is in there first! YEAH!

Good week for reducing waste. I'm not weighing the waste. I'm just conscious of reducing it! Onion peels don't count in my mind but I do compost them. I'm counting actual food that should have been eaten my me/my family and wasn't. If I'm peeling potatoes for mashed potatoes, we weren't going to eat those peelings so that's not waste. If we have baked potatoes and should eat the peel and don't then that's waste. This is how I'm rolling with this challenge.

I started my Amish Friendship Start for bread yesterday. Today it is sitting on my stove, where it will rise all day before I cook six loaves this evening in time for supper! YUMMY!

I'm going to make this soup for supper tonight and can't wait to see how it turns out.

I made a huge batch of ham and beans for church Sunday night and brought home my 8 qt pot. So, we will either eat those this week (had them for supper last night) or if our church dinner needs them for soup supper tomorrow night, I'll take them there. Yes, these freeze well but my family is not against eating leftovers. It's what we do around here. So, in other news,

We're on Day 5 of the Love Dare! It's amazing! If you haven't seen Fireproof, it's a Redbox for a buck now!! No excuses! If you don't have the $1 to rent it, I'll pay!!!! That's how bad I want you to see it. So, find your local Redbox and if you can't afford it, contact me and I'll rent it for you. If your marriage is great - see it. If your marriage is okay - see it. If your marriage is on the rocks - see it. If you are separated - SEE IT TODAY!!!!

Saw the movie Twilight yesterday and wondering if anyone really wants to hear my review of it. Do you? My short review is.... I was terribly disappointed in the evil undertones through out the movie with nothing of God, Truth or Hope. It reminded me of addictions and desires of the flesh (literally). Should I do my whole review? Would anyone like to hear it?

Love and Logic Class starts this Thursday! Am excited to get some new parenting tools under our belts.

Stay tuned! More coming on Green living, Meal Planning and Life!


  1. Good, good advice on the frugality and the movie. I have it sitting on top of the entertainment center right now. Just gotta get the watching done. How sweet of you to offer to pay for it. It IS a great movie for marriages. Blessings!!

  2. Joy!! Go and check out my site for an award update. You can read my apology for leaving you out there but I will say again, please forgive me for not listing you. I meant to and it must be my mere mortal status that precluded it. I do NOT know how I missed you!

  3. Robyn, You're too kind!!!!

  4. Oh well done you with the waste thing... am trying it here too.. we have had the most amazing soup made from contents of fridge!! Will think of you next time I am not wasting...oh and am very jealous of maple syrup thing. What a brilliant thing to be able to do...

  5. The Hubby11:10 PM

    You are such and encourager and i love you so much

  6. I love Fireproof. We just finished the Fireproof couples Bible study at my church. It was great! We're doing a "reunion" for those that did the Bible study. Now that it is out on DVD, we're getting back together to watch it.


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