Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Not a Backboard!

Not as disturbing as the "before" photos, though.  You are welcome. 
BOYS!  The "lid" of the toilet is not a backboard.  I know you are shocked.  It's not intended to be a game or goal to shoot your pee on the lid and score points if it shoots through the toilet seat' my toilet seat.  Shocker, I know. 

Also, even when you remember to put the seat up, my seat, the game does not change in that you try to shoot your pee through the lid hole and hope it bounces back into the toilet bowl.  You do not "get points" for this sport.  In fact, you lose points.  You lose big time. 

The main problem here, boys, is that the pee does not make into the toilet bowl.  Far from it.  The splatter effect hits its mark on the wall, counter's side, floor, and all over the back of the toilet. 
Mommy does not like this.  She does not like this at all. 
You see, sons, this is mommy's bathroom.  Mommy's.  MINE! and well, frankly, I am tired of cleaning up after your pee in my bathroom. 
When mommy has to get out the "big guns" in order to clean up after you, it is bad.  Bad for you, that is.  You know you're in trouble when I have to call in pumice stone and a toothbrush. 
Speaking of, do you recognize the toothbrush?  I wouldn't use it if I were you. 
I wouldn't use the toilet as a basketball hoop, either, though. 

In the future, use wisdom and stay out of mommy's bathroom.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer is Flying By!

I can't believe we are more than half-way through summer break.  I have finished and started another class, led worship at Kids Camp, gone camping, had Sky go and return from Ireland, go to yearly meeting in Oregon for a week, shop, swim, nap, and hang with my kiddos.

We have a white-water raft trip ahead, a Roaring Springs Water Park day, shopping trip to Utah, and I will drive with Mel to Kansas and fly home this August. 

Before we know it, school will start and I will have to get my children to bed before midnight.  Sigh.

I've also had some leaps in spiritual growth, been humbled some more, and wished I could slow down.

My girl will be 20 in two weeks and I can't believe that I have been her moma since she was 7 years old.  I love her so much. 

I'll post pictures sometime... I think.

In the meantime, I am alive.  Just spending time with my family when I am not doing my school work.


Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Double Digits

I must be old enough, although it doesn't seem possible, to have a ten-year old biological son.  He woke me up this morning by climbing in bed with me and whispering, "I'm 10!"  After several minutes of visiting, I allowed the boys to watch a movie in bed while I got some coffee in me. 
Here are some pictures showing our boy growing up and showing off his super cute personality!
brand new baby boy
18 months old and wanting the camera.
These are the eyes that melt my heart.  And those cheeks! 
2 years old
Motorcycle trip with Granddad!
3 years old

Anyone can do hand prints in cement.... it's fun to be different!
2008 - playing in the rain in Mexico
4 years old
2008 - entertaining in the theater pit on the Malecon
It's so much more fun to drink root beer from a bottle with a straw!
Midwest Trip 2009 - 5 years old

Turning six in style... with as many parties as he can.

Favorite birthday cake - EVER!  Turning 6 was awesome.

2011 irrigation water fun - showing off for his Moma.

"Look, Mom, I am pretend floating!"

2012 - ZIP LINE fun at 8 years old.
9 years old and seeming very grown up!
My fun-loving son!
Ten years ago, my first born decided he had had enough fun in the womb and couldn't wait a minute longer to get the party started out here!  At 37 weeks, he was born emergency c-section, weighing a whopping 8lbs 8 oz!   He's been a snuggler and people person his entire life; never wanting a moment alone.  That has not changed.  He doesn't like watching TV alone; reading alone or pretty much anything else by himself.  He is a compassionate happy boy.  He sees when someone is hurting and brightens their day by being himself.  He loves people and he loves Jesus.  What more could I desire in his life; than for him to be true to himself and Jesus.   He is smart and learns things very quickly!  He has great ideas and lots of them.  It's so important to him that we are all happy that I see him sacrificing himself in order to make sure others are happy.  When I see this happening, I try and stop it while reminding him that it is not his job to make others happy.   He adapts to his environment and does so with ease.  He has many friends and enjoys them all.   My darling sweetheart has a fun type 1 nature and he knows it!  Happy Birthday, son!  I know you've loved all the surprises so far and there are a few more in store for you today!  Besos! #DYT #Type1

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another One Bites the Dust

Okay, hit play for a minute or so and get the tune back in your head, as if it could ever leave.  Smile at the totally awesome video and moves.  The way Queen shows off their riffs and struts the stage should bring a smile to your 1980 memory. 

Now, picture my husband singing the chorus as I'm on a mommy rampage. 

I've seen it happen.  I start in on one kid and the rest don't stand a chance. 

Now, read these lyrics,
There are many ways you can hurt a man and bring him to the ground,
You can beat him, you can cheat him, you can treat him bad,
And leave him when he's down...
Ouch.  I have seen the body count pile up as I wounded my children with my words. 

You see, I don't have this whole motherhood thing figured out.  I've really only been at it for 12 years now and honestly, that's just not long enough! 

But, I have learned some things:

1) I was wrong.  I am wrong.
2) Asking my children to forgive me for my hurtful words is very important but it doesn't un-say what was said.  It can't erase the memory or the wound.
3) That being said, wounds heal. 
4) Some wounds completely heal and some leave scars.
5) When I see a scar from a wound I made, I don't need to re-open it.  Just learn from it and move on.
6) Seek forgiveness as quickly as possible. 

I am learning to let some things go.  I screw up.  I admit it.  They love hearing me say, "I was wrong." and come to them as a human who messes up. 

I have the opportunity to change the lyrics from "Another One Bites the Dust" to "Another mom bites her tongue!" 

It's not as catchy but if it lowers the body count then I'm all for learning a new ditty! 

Monday, May 12, 2014

No Mistake.

I saw "Mom's Night Out."  Two times.  First, the premier or sneak peak with some friends. 
Yesterday, I took my Mom for Mother's Day.  I highly recommend this new movie.  We laughed and I cried.  I mean, I cried hard; from the beginning.  When others in the theater were laughing, I cried.  Why?  I related to the stressed out, “Hulk” mom that Ally was.  I was embarrassed knowing I have said, acted, and looked like she did.  Understand I am not being hard on myself.  I am being honest.   

When I was little, I told my Mom “I want lots of babies.”  Here response was that she was not going to help me with them.  According to her, I was quick to respond with, “Fine.  I’ll do it by myself!” 

I have “lots” of babies.  Six, to be exact.  I did not get them all as infants but they were babies regardless of their age when I became their mama.  My Mom helps me out every single day.  I could not do it with her (or my dad!). 

The question that haunts my thoughts on any given day is, "Am I enough?" 
Satan lurks about looking to steal, kill, and destroy.  He succeeds each time I believe the lie.  The lie that I am not enough.  That God made a mistake making me the mama to these wonderful children; regardless of their ages. 
Each day I have a choice to make.  Sometimes it is by the hour or half-hour or on THOSE days, it might be by the minute.  The choice I get to make is: "Will I buy the lie?"  Or, "Will I choose joy?" 
The days that I greet my children with a smile before the volcano erupts can be marked a "good day."  The day you find me curled up in the fetal position hiding from myself... well, you get the idea.
I have each of those days and everywhere else on the spectrum of emotions.  Some days are AWESOME!  Some are simply, awful.  Which am I going to remember and reflect on?
Today... I chose joy.  Well, at least in this moment that is where I am. 
#momsnightout is worth seeing...again and again. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

We completed the #LentChallenge and read the entire New Testament during Lent.  It was AMAZING!  The kids loved the time and the accomplishment because they know it was hard and took effort and they feel good about persevering through. 

Resurrection Sunday dawned bright and sunny with three baby chicks hatching that day.  Life.  Miracles.  Wonder and amazement replace unknowns and hows.

The message was one of grace.  Undeserving grace.  Gifts.  Gifts given though they were not earned.  Reminders of the greatest day in history, death defeated, we are set free!

I can't help but think back on past Easter Sundays and found some pictures in the archives.




My Tough Guys

My sweeties!


I miss all my children being home but 4/6 is a blessing I am counting!  While we didn't get any pictures of all of, here is a darling picture of our grand baby!

It was a good day.  I love my family time.  I love just being together and enjoying our company.  We are fortunate to live near enough to spend special days together. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Your Blood Covers It All

I sang this at our Good Friday service tonight. 

I cried.  I reflected.  I remembered.  I experienced it sitting it next to my solemn seven-year old son. 

I cried some more.  We confessed a sin and nailed it to the cross, my son and I.  And many others. 

We sang.  We prayed. 

I'll share a secret with you, though.  All is not lost.  Death does not win... but that, my friends, is Sunday's story!

Weep today but remember, SUNDAY IS COMING!