Thursday, March 08, 2007


My little man came home from a day shopping with his Granddad at Cabelas. My they must have had fun... in came Paco with a present for his new little brother! He lifted up my shirt, pulled my pants down from covering my belly and "showed" his new camo outfit to his baby brother. It was just precious.

Yes, camo - it's just what this baby needs, too!! I can't wait til he can wear it and show it off to everyone what his big brother got him.

So, from this post - I am still here, still pregnant and so very ready for labor to begin. Continue to pray that I go on my own and things keep "moving along." They are but pretty slow right now and we'd (doc included) would like to see more progress by next week at my 40 week appt.

Til then,

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