Friday, November 30, 2007

Trimming the Tree

When we asked the kids what some of their favorite Christmas traditions are, decorating the tree was at the top of all their lists. It's a family affair and we all have things to do. I, for one, get the decorations out of the boxes and hand them to each kid to hang on the tree. Some are unique for that one special person to hang while others any of them can. They have their own ornaments from years past and a new one each year. Here we are, trimming the tree.
Fixing the Angel is Daddy's job!!!
All Done!
When all was said and done, we had a wonderful cup of hot cocoa topped off with delicious whole milk and chatted of good times past and more to come.

Everything seems bittersweet this year as I can't help think that Troy and Reggie may not be a part of these things next year - we do want them to go to college so it's a toss up. :)

I am HAPPY to announce that I set a goal to be done shopping by December 1st and as of 2:30 today, I AM FINISHED!!! Everything is either already purchased or ordered so I AM DONE! WHOO HOO! Now on to times of less stress, no last minute expensive gifts and fun times of baking are ahead.

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  1. Val ("LegalScrapper")1:23 PM

    We have the same tradition - each person hangs their own special ornament. Every time we travel, we buy a Christmas ornament representing where we are (i.e. fish from beach trip). And every year we buy Daughter an ornament of something she is "into" - last year was Dora, this year was princess. She'll get those ornaments when she (sniff) leaves home. Thanks for sharing your traditions and pictures! The kids are getting SO big.


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