Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas is Over

and I don't have my Christmas post ready. :(

Roy had knee surgery last Wednesday and then my birthday on Thursday left much to be desired since Roy had surgery the day before - then Friday was spent with our accountant. It doesn't matter I grew up with him - he was still the accountant on Friday.

Saturday we had Roy's family over. Sunday was spent recouping from the previous days - Monday was a fabulous Christmas Eve then Christmas Day then my Mom got sick plus Roy still being an invalid - doctor's appts today for Roy and Javier....

Javi has gained a pound in the past month!!! YEAH! We go back in 6 weeks as we still need to him to gain more than the "normal" amount... more than .5 oz a day. So pray for us.

Roy can work on the ground which to him means he can't work if he can't climb a ladder.... duh, you just had knee surgery darling!!!

So, here's a picture-less post. I'll get a nice post done soon. Til then - I'm off to bed.

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