Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things: My Dad

Morning Lovins

I love my Dad. But more than him being a great father, he is the BEST granddad! Now, some of you have arguing rights but I'll fight for his award any day of the week. Here's why.

1) He sees his grandsons every single day. Usually multiple times a day!
2) He arrives at my house each morning at 7:30. What for? To get sweet Javier out of bed.
3) So, they can have coffee together! Yes, coffee and yes, every morning.

I realized yesterday morning when Granddad couldn't be here but was at the cafe with Paco that things were really getting out of control. You see, I didn't make the coffee right. That's right. My dad is spoiling my baby. He adds just enough coffee to one particular mug, then his organic whole milk, then creamer. The creamer is very important.

Yesterday, I made Javi his coffee how I think Granddad does. He sucked it down. All of it. To the last drop. Gone. So, I made another cup. Only this time I thought, does he really care if I don't add creamer??? Oh my stars. He not only SPIT the coffee out of his mouth, he THREW the mug of coffee to the floor!

I quickly picked it up and added creamer. Forced his poor little lips open, apologizing the entire time, til he could taste that mommy fixed it and it was now fit for his royal lips.

He drank it. And another.

4) He does this every morning. And changes his all night diaper to boot. And he holds him while they do this. Every morning. He doesn't plop him in the high chair like the mean lady who gave birth to him does.
5) Why else is my Dad my first "A Few of My Favorite Things" post? He takes Paco to preschool two times a week. And picks him up three hours later. Every week. Twice. And if for some reason he can't, he's sorry. And tries to work it out so he can be there to do this.
6) Friday mornings they have breakfast at the cafe. Just the two of them. Paco and Granddad.
7) He takes him to work with him. Often. Really often. Calling on people, mowing the lawn, roofing with his Daddy, working at the church, shopping, eating, napping and watching movies.
8) He takes him on the motorcycle. And camping, just the two of them.
9) They both love Golden Corral and Golden Dragon.
10) They have secrets. Like eating icecream together. Buying things they don't need. Driving. Yes, Paco drives, too. He drives to the end of our drive and from the end of our drive. It's their thing. And it works for them.
Reading "The Devil in Texas"

11) I could truly go on and on. Swim lessons, track meets, football games, hunting, target practice, reading, praises for their academic achievements, patience, gentleness... he prays for my kids. Not just my two babes, but for all of them. He cares. He loves. He gives his time.
12) He disciplines Paco and Javi. He has a way of making Paco mind. And if Paco gets in trouble at home and I have him call Granddad to tell him what he did, well, it's not fun. It's awful for the kid. Just tears him up inside. That's why I do it, too. He cares what Granddad thinks. And that's good stuff, people.

I know I'll end this and keep thinking of all the more reasons he's the best Granddad in the whole-wide world. But I'll end it with.....

HE JUST IS. If you don't believe me, Ask Paco. He'll tell ya.


  1. Let me tell ya... Paul and I are very jealous. I am so happy for you that you have such a wonderful dad!

  2. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Joy, I just read your Blog and the very nice story about your Dad and your little boys. I tried to leave my comments, but didn’t get a user name and pass word that agreed with each other, so not sure that whole thing worked right.

    You are very lucky, and so are Antonio and Javi—and I guess I should say your Dad is, too. Not everyone has a couple little boys like those two to do for them what he does.

    Very good story you wrote about a very good subject.

    Love, and happy times,

  3. Anonymous11:13 AM

    That is great what you said about daddy, he loved it, almost made him cry, he said, did make me cry. but it was a good cry. Didn't see anything on it about the diaper?? Love you, Moma

  4. You are a very lucky girl to have family support on a daily basis, my friend! That is really wonderful! I enjoyed your post. xoxox


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