Friday, October 10, 2008

No More "Uda"

When Paco was learning to speak, he said Melynda as Uda. It stuck and he called her that for a long time. Then it evolved into Uwynda and that is what she has been to him... until today.

Today she is Mewynda. His "L's" are still "W's" but that is it. He is growing up. We all knew this day would come and I've told her that when she would work with him on how to say her name.

Today was the day. And she cried. She is so sad that she's not Uda or Uwynda anymore. There is no comfort for the heart aching for a little boy that is growing up too fast.

I, as a mother, face it everyday. I just don't let others see my cry over it. Not often; at least.

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