Wednesday, December 03, 2008

DH's Nativity

This is Roy's Nativity. You see, our first Christmas, we weren't married. And he thought my mother had WAAYY to many Nativity scenes in her house. That's when she found out he didn't have one. Not one!

If you know my mother at all, that's all she needed to know. It didn't matter why he didn't have one - just that he didn't. She got this Nativity for him and it is his - just ask him! So, each year, I put it up in a special place. The past few years I have displayed it in our church next to the Christmas tree. This year, it is in our foyer, one of the first sets you see as you enter our home.

There's just something special about a Nativity that prohibits leaving it stored in a box or tote. At least there is for me. Have you noticed that no matter how old a Nativity is, it just doesn't matter? Broken lamb leg? No worries. Chipped donkey ear? Just adds character. Of all the Christmas decorations and traditions, I like the Nativity Scene the best. After all, that is where it began. In a dirty stable with smelly animals. Doesn't get more humble and lowly than that.


  1. I remember hearing the story about Roy's nativity when Camden and I spend Thanksgiving with you all in '04. I love my nativity set. I need to find one that the boys can play with, because they always want to play with my willow tree one, and I won't let them!

  2. Hi Joy,
    Love the Nativity story!

    To post a video from youtube set up an account and then there is a little button that says share, push it, it will give you several option of where you want to share (email, blog, etc) link it to your blog, it will post directly to your sight, no publishing needed.

    Hope that helps, I just stumble around trying to figure all this stuff out while pretending I know everything.

  3. Heather, I bought the Little People's Nativity and have it set up on the coffee table for them to play with. My Mom did the same so they have a scene to play with. They really enjoy it!

    April, I must be an idiot, I see all the options but none for just a "blog." Alas, I just linked to you and hopefully will send you some love.


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