Saturday, December 06, 2008

Mexican Nativity

DH and I received this Nativity Scene as a wedding gift. It was made in Mexico and is just gorgeous! The hand painting is so detailed and I love that you can feel the texture of the clay and glaze.

Baby Jesus won't appear til Christmas morn. That's something I do that I wasn't raised with. All the baby Jesus' that aren't "stuck" in the manger stay in a safe place and then I make sure He is born come Christmas morn and we run to each scene to see Baby Jesus! I love how it takes the attention off our stockings and places it back where it belongs - on Him.

What do you do that you were't raised doing? Or perhaps what don't you do that you were raised with?

Today I'm "Fasting for Friends." Our youth group is fasting for 24 hours in order to raise funds for people who are starving for Jesus. We've started a new hispanic ministry at our church, Tierra de Regocijo (Land of Joy) and we're helping raise funds! It was the youth's idea; which is just awesome! Tomorrow is our kick off service and we'll end our fast just in time for potluck!

So, I'm on a juice/water diet; which is killing me since I'm also cooking beans and other food for potluck tomorrow!!!

Enjoy your weekend!

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