Tuesday, May 08, 2012

My Moma

I love my Moma so much!  Let me show you what I love.

Her sense of adventure and love of traveling:

Her love of soaking up the sun:

Her love of hats:

Her love of many style of hats!

I love that she always has an emory board or nail file with her.
I love that she can also file her nails anywhere, anytime no matter how annoying of a sound it makes to those around her - and I really love that she has no idea that it's annoying!

What has my Moma taught me that I am forever grateful?

Her willingness to help others:
(church nursey attendent for ions)

It is never to hot or cold outside or in for hot coffee and hot water!

How to love:
(married 52 years this June!)

To step out of our comfort zone and have fun:

Being frugal creates wonderful memories!
(and better food than McD's!)

She's taught me how to keep and cherish dear friends:

Distance doesn't matter:

Nor does time:
(friends below since 1960)

Even from childhood school days:
(we're talking grade school!)

and hand written letters still exist and will keep a friendship alive for decades. 

From my Moma I've learned that family can be our best friends, too:

Family is very important.  She's taught me that our loved ones won't always be here so we need to visit them while we can.

No matter how far Missouri is from Idaho.

She's shown me that it is never too late to get to know family; really know them.

She's teaching me how to be an awesome Nana.

and to not be afraid to hang on to a young child when going down a steep trail.

 I see a picture of my Moma sitting in a park in Alaska, on WiFi and know that one is never too old to learn! 
Nor is one ever too old to wear black leather biking gear...

I've learned to slow down and enjoy the sights.

and girl time is very important.

She's taught me contentment.

and to love hats.

She shows me everyday how much she loves me:

even going to the water park when she doesn't like water.

and playing games that she doesn't enjoy but one would never know that.

She's taught me how to be a good sport.  I think I mentioned she doesn't care for water:

 But she loves being warm.  And hats.

She has taught me to love coffee and hot water; as well. 

I have to say, though, without a doubt, the most important thing my Moma has ever done for me is shown me by her example how to be the hands of feet of Jesus. 

To be continued...


  1. Moma-Nana7:14 AM

    Well, did that make me cry this morning??? YES it did, glad I do email before I get my face on. What wonderful things you said about me & I know it took you time, in your busy schedule, to do this. THANK YOU & I love you with all my heart & looking forward to some more wonderful time spent with you.
    Love you, moma

  2. Sarah7:22 AM

    I love this! I have many a sweet memories of her and your Dad. My Mom always talks highly of them. We couldn't have asked for better neighbors all those years ago! :)

  3. Karen9:32 AM

    What a treasure to your Mom --what could be a better gift from her beautiful daughter. Thanks for sharing this.
    Happy Mother's Day.

    PS Happy Mother's Day to you too--I know you're doing an awsome job.

  4. Marv & Maribeth9:34 AM

    The pictures & messages are great, THANKS FOR REMEMBERING US, we love you all too! We printed them all. M&M

  5. Teresa1:44 PM

    Love you and your mom; you have blessed me without knowing..Thank you!


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