Friday, November 30, 2012

Stop Already

When life gets in the way, as is always, does; and everything I do seems to stand still.  When it seems like no matter what I want to get accomplished doesn't and what I do I can't seem to recall.  When I sit at my computer thinking of what I should be doing and planning what I need to do and printing things to do... I need to stop.  I need to shut things down and get on my knees. 

Grateful List Time!  Thank you, Lord, for a daughter who, not long ago, danced with a snowman.

When I need to stop seeing the mess and see the joy:

When I need to stop going a hundred miles an hour and just sit and look at my "Stages of Mary" that I make up from my Angel Tree mamas. 

To remember that no matter what my plan is, fun and joy matter more than a schedule.

When I need to stop rushing my family to get done what I want done... and deny them the opportunity to stop and look at the lights from my husbands favorite view.

Really, when the hustle and bustle is getting to me before it ever begins, I need to stop and re-focus on Who matter and Who I am supposedly doing all this for. 


  1. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Wow mom, this was a great post to get me thinking! That was a great dance with a snowman! Love you lots, and cant wait to be home so soon! Love you!
    Daughter (18) ;)

  2. The Hubby11:08 PM

    I love this post. You are amazing as always.
    All my Love!

  3. Such a true post for such a busy time! We cannot take for granted what is right before our eyes!!


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