Tuesday, May 07, 2013

12,600' is High!

We acclimated the best we could with the time we have and after two days & nights in Arequipa, we hit the road.

First, on Sunday night we had our first service. It was wonderful. I recognized people from my parents trip & meeting them in person was extra special. They remember them & that my Dad is a pastor. Lots of hugs & kisses.

I was able to mail Mary's backpack (thanks, Dan!) from the post office & that was a huge relief to have that done. In case you don't remember, Mary is my patents Compassion International child, here in Peru. I wasn't able to meet her in person since we aren't staying in the city she is going to school in so this was second best. I'm grateful to be the mule in this case. Ha!

All of our meals were delicious! We stayed in the same hotel my parents did & it was very nice.

We arrived in Puno today by bus. We were on the "top bunk" of a very nice bus. I was not prepared for the sway of the bus. After talking myself down from a minor anxiety/panic attack, I did pretty good. The sky is so big, the sun so bright!

We are staying in a different hotel than my parents stayed in when they visited. It is nice & I was excited by the extra wool blankets in the closet. Yes, the little things can be big things!

Blessings are mine, with ten thousand beside!


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  1. The Hubby10:06 PM

    Great photos, glad you all made it safe and sound and that all survived the climb in elevation. thanks for keeping us posted. Love you lots.


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