Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Simply, Being Present

We landed in Arequipa and were met by Alonso and Nestor.  Thankfully, all of our luggage made it the entire way there (and home).  We went to our hotel, La Casa deMelgar.   I loved my room; it was right off the rose garden and next to my teammates so I had privacy but wasn’t isolated. 

That night (Sunday) we went to La Union church where their service was a “missions service.”  They went all out and several of them dressed up in costume to reflect different countries where they are thinking of ministering.   It was interesting to be an observer of a ministry that started with our missionaries and now they are preparing to send out missionaries of their own.  I heard the same scriptures on “the harvest is ripe but the workers are few.”  I sat there praying that those same words are needed here in our churches.  Our Peruvian brothers and sisters are on fire!  Am I?  Are you?  Are we?
Confession time - This was a hard evening for me because I thought I would make a strong connection… I didn’t.  I gave the gifts my parents had sent to some friends they had made but I left the service feeling like I had failed in someway.  Don't get me wrong, it was a WONDERFUL evening and the service was beautiful and I could see their hearts on fire for the Lord!  I'm sure it was me; first night in Peru after traveling two days to get there plus I had already been gone four days from my home and was exhausted.  Back at the hotel, I prayed that God would open the doors and that it wouldn't be by anything I did but Him that I would leave Peru with lasting friendships. 

Monday, we toured Arequipa with a dear family in "A’s" bus.  We went to the Molino de Sabandia(Old Mill) and I got many bug bites that stayed with me the rest of the trip… it was beautiful though!  My parents had been here and I loved being able to see what they experienced and experience it for myself.  It was very peaceful and I found myself just sitting and praying until it was time to leave (some others went on a horseback ride).   

We went to lunch where we tried cuy and we had a wonderful exchange of questions with our Friends.  We toured the other side of the city where we were able to look down into Arequipa and up at the surrounding mountains: Misti, Chachani and Pichupichu .  This was a better connecting day for me.  The mama and I visited and I also became friends with "M.".  That evening we walked around Arequipa and ate supper at Manolo’s
Back to my sweet digs, I reflected on the difference I felt at the close of Monday versus the previous night.  Simply, I let go and let God!  I spoke my totally lacking Spanish and was at peace with saying nothing at all; simply being present. 
Next up.... the Altiplano


  1. The Hubby8:25 AM

    Great job and great photos, looking forward to your next posts.

  2. We were not able to come and here your story on Sunday so I have really enjoyed reading these. Looking forward to the next one.


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