Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Dollar Store & Gratefulness

After I pick up the kids from school today, we will head to the dollar store...

They seemed pretty excited about this #RAK so we will see how it goes. 

Our daily Bible reading is going well and I can see the benefit of not reading so many chapters in order to really think about what we have just read.  After we read the chapters, we all say something that struck us new, jumped out at us, or meant something to us.  This has become a wonderfully meaningful time. 

The other day we took ten minutes to write down as many things as we could that were grateful for.  Here is a sampling from each list:


While we smiled at some on the youngest one's list, I love that he is grateful for his body and strong arms.  As well as no creepers or overgrown spiders!  I love how the 10 year old could not decide if he was grateful for piano, meaning lessons, but he wants to be so that means something.  Anyway, the rest are just snapshots of long lists that I randomly selected and cropped.  It was a neat exercise and ended up how we spent our family time on Saturday night. 

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