Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Spanish Class

Each Tuesday Antonio and I go to our moma y yo class that is held entirely in Spanish. From crafts to music, games to stories, we communicate for an entire hour in Spanish. It is a wonderful time and one we look forward to each week. He knows the names of his classmates and asks for them during the week; especially Abbie. He truly pines for the girl, if that is the correct term. Several times we have walked and yesterday we rode my bike since we have the new toddler seat for Paco that goes behind my seat. It was a wonderful ride and he did very well - so did Moma.

I have a journal that I began for Paco over a year ago. I write it in, not daily, but days that I want him to remember. Not all are special days or days of importance but more things I want him to know someday since he won't remember these early days; and I won't remember them all either, sad to say. Well, the book is nearly full. I've wrote about happy times: first steps and words; mad times: the first fit he threw on the floor that landed him a nice solid swat on the fanny; cute times: being in awe of Christmas lights at 6 months old and sad times: Great-Grandpa dying when he was only 8 months old. I told him how G-Grandpa called him Pelon, meaning baldy since he had no hair for so long! I've told him about my tears of both joy and longing as he grows up and seems to be growing so fast. I've told him of things he's done with his Granda - they are quiet the duo and of working with his Daddy - that's when he really gets to be a little man. Of times with his Nana and eating cookies for breakfast and times with Abuelita and the sweets and icecream he gets when he's with her. It's a fun journal and one I look forward to keep going. It's basically my thoughts for him to read when he's an adult and I'm not sure of the time I'll hand them over. Praying I'll know that when the time comes.

I'm not sure what life-form this blog will take. Guess that is part of the fun and mystery to it. I keep wondering, is it for me or for those reading - both, I guess. Will you be bored reading this or find it interesting at times? These are just a few fears I have of letting you take a peak into my head and more tenderly, my heart.

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