Thursday, June 15, 2006

Another Day in Paradise

I love my life!

Today is Thursday, just another day in the week for me, really. I was able to sleep in until 8:30 this morning because we didn't have Spanish Camp, VBS or any other pressing thing first thing. Antonio slept until 9:00 and Melynda to 10:00! I had my cup o' joe, devos and e-mailed my Moma before little man came pitter-pattering out to find me. Aaahhh.

With one (or was it 2) cups of lead in me, compliments of my dear hubby who follows scripture and makes the coffee each morning (HEbrews), I was ready to face the day! With 4 to 5 kids in the house, I need all the help I can get some mornings...

Having the big boys home enabled me to work on the accident report I have to file for an employee and start payroll, a longer process now that we have 10 employees that get paid weekly. Thank you, boys!

My good friend, whom I have known since 2nd grade, came over at 11:30 (sharp, I could add) to have lunch and let our kids play together at the park. I was SO excited to have actual plans with an adult that I was all ready to go sans shoes on. We quickly loaded up and in one car, mine, headed to the park for FREE LUNCH! Well, free for the kids. She had actually packed a lunch so she and I ate her lunch and the kids had sloppy joe's, cheese crackers, potato chips and chocolate milk for lunch. Yum Yum!

I forgot the camera but we had a blast, playing on the toys and running wild. We came back to my place, visited while the kids played more and just enjoyed adult conversation. Fabulous!

Time passed too quickly and I had to get Troy to driver's ed and Paco down for a nap. Good-byes were said with hopes of getting together again sooner than later. How great to have friends who love the Lord and have the same desires for their children as we do.

Now, with Paco napping, Troy driving (scary, I know - don't come to Caldwell!!!) and Mel doing her chores, I got payroll done and still have a moment to post here.

Life is grand, right now. I am happy and really am enjoying being the "little ol' lady who lives in the shoe who has so many children I don't know what to do!!" From playing Mexican Train dominos at night with our kids to falling asleep during the news, does it get much better than this? Roy would say a new bed would come close... "yes, dear, I hear you, we'll get a new bed SOOON!!!"

On that note, I'd best keep the laundry moving.

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