Monday, June 12, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

June 12, 2002 - Our wedding Day

Top Row, L to R: Troy, Steph, Larry, Ty, Erik, Mahlon, Troy
Midddle Row: Emily, Mom, Joy, Roy, Dad, Brady Laura
In front: Taylor & Melynda

We were married at 7:00 p.m., Wednesday, June 12, 2002 at Caldwell Friend Church. My Dad officiated. Friends & family made the event a success: singing, baking, decorating, sewing, altering, cleaning, you name it, they did it!

Here is a picture of our gorgeous cake made by my good friend, Heather. She used fresh flowers on the cake to match the other flowers we had. When we ate the top on our year anniversary it was still delish!

Our colors were deep purple & daisy yellow. We had lots of white lights illuminating the front of the church. Yellow bows were on each pew to frame in the aisle. There were so many people there to support us that we had to open up the accordion style walls to allow for more seating!

I love this picture showing the sanctuary. You can see the high beams, stained glass windows, lights, candles, people....

In the past four years, we have grown so much as a couple. We've matured as individuals and as husband and wife. We have become parents together, a team, partners in life.

As my parents celebrate 46 years today, my Aunt and Uncle 51 years and a cousin 29 years, all today, I thank God for the examples He gave us in them. Seeing them have their anniversaries and love for each other makes me look forward to the many years Roy and I have ahead.

Knowing now what I didn't know then, I say, "YES" all over again.

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  1. Yellow, what a nice bright summer color for a wedding.

    Le Rhee Bows


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