Sunday, June 11, 2006


I love my family! I love living close to them and being friends together. Yesterday we celebrated my nephew's marriage and it was a grand time! The kids running around playing - adults standing/sitting visiting. Chasing whose ever kid that is running away... love it! There is always food at our get-togethers. LOTS of food! The spread is never ending and only the too-busy to eat kids leave hungry. Too busy playing that is!

Today we had another BBQ w/Ty and his new wife, Lisa. We got to visit with her parents and brothers, laugh with all 3 of my nephews present and just enjoy each other - over food.

Hamburgers on the grill, watermelon running down chins, potato chips, baked beans and salad, the food was plentiful and I looked around and realized how blessed I am!

As we were all leaving, we were discussing the next get together - for Father's Day and I think I can wait a week to see them all again. If not, we call, e-mail or drop by each other's homes to say hi!

Last week was busy - the boys had football camp that ended with a huge jamboree Wed evening. I was lucky to be asked to sell water and gatorade and visit with other football moms. Thursday we had doctor appointments:
Melynda is healthy and doing great in the 60% and 70% in height and weight.
Taylor is still small in the 10 and 25% but is on the same growth curve she's been on for four years...
Antonio is a MOOSE! 98% in height at 37" and 95% at 33 lbs. Only Paco and Melynda had to get shots and both survived. Poor babies!

Tomorrow starts another week of Spanish Camp and activities. I am looking forward to the time with the girls and the fun we'll have together.

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