Thursday, July 06, 2006

I've Been Tagged

7 Things I'd Like To Do Before I Die:
1. See all of my kids grown up to be strong Christians and raise their families the same.
2. Own our own home with land
3. Travel Overseas with Hubby
4. Live in Mexico for short periods of time and become fluent in Spanish
5. Get Down to my pre-pregnancy weight (vain, I know)
6. Become a lactation consultant & advocate
7. Be a "cool nana" when I have grandbabies

7 Things That I Can't Do:
1. Math
2. Get by on too little sleep
3. Understand stupid people
4. Be patient enough
5. Say "no" to hungry kids
6. Not tithe my money to God
7. Not be involved in church

7 Things That Attract Me To My Husband:
1. His good-natured personality
2. His generous spirit
3. His drive to make it so I can be SAHM for as long as we desire
4. His sobriety
5. His devotion to our children
6. His romantic side
7. When he speaks Spanish - especially when he sings to me in Spanish!

7 Books (or series of books) That I Love:
1. The BIBLE
2. John Grisham novels
3. Love Comes Softly Series (Jannette Oke)
4. Max Lucado books
5. Charlotte's Web
6. Divine Secrets of Ya Ya Sisterhood
7. Anne of Green Gables

7 Movies I'd Watch Over & Over:
1. Grease (see previous post)
2. Sweet Home Alabama
3. Lonesome Dove
4. The Incredibles
5. Mary Poppins
6. Sound of Music
7. The Christmas Story

7 People I'd Like To Tag (and if you don't do it, I totally understand):
1. Heather
2. --
3. --
4. --
5. --
6. --
7. --

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  1. Great reading your responses! Sorry I haven't commented in a while...bad blogger! :(


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