Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Summer is Flying By!

Man, where is time going??? Troy is off to kids camp after completing and passing driver's ed. The girls are still in Spanish Camp two days a week, Reggie is working with Roy and Paco and I are staying crazy busy with the kids, funeral escorts and house/yard work.

We had my soon-to-be niece's wedding shower last night. She decided a few weeks ago she wanted to do a Pampered Chef Shower so that took most of the work out for us. YEAH! Mandy Joy is her name and she's a sweet little doll from Texas, complete with accent. We got to meet her mother and sister and with the 3 of them together, it's a hoot to listen to them talk! Anyway, she had a nice shower. Got some great Pampered Chef items and earned a total of $60 dollars and 2 half-price items off of 10 people! She is starting a home with some wonderful quality products that will hopefully make her life easier. I know it has mine.

Speaking of, I got my order yesterday - all SEVEN boxes!!! It was like Christmas! I hurried and went through everyone else's order so Mandy could open some things up last night that were bought for her. I have some cleaning out cupboards and pantry to do to make room for my new things. I'm so excited!!!

Erik's wedding to Mandy is Friday evening so we have a few parties before the actual event to attend - a Fajita dinner tonight. I'll make my Mother-in-law's rice. Rehersal Thursday evening and the dinner to follow. Paco is the "ring bear" so pray for us! Then Fri is the wedding. We are supposed to have low 90's this week but it sure has felt hotter than that. Since it's outside, I'm praying for cooler than 100 degrees!!

Update on potty training:

Going great! Haven't used pull-ups in 3 weeks now. We just deal with the occasional accident and go on. Thankfully, others are helping me out when they're around and are taking him potty and asking him if he's dry or wet. He'll even go in public restrooms now and I stood him on my feet Sunday and he went standing up so that's great, too! Anyway, for those who care (Heather) here's our update on that big milestone!

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