Monday, July 03, 2006

Ummm Cake!

June Birthday Party

Grandma Ann and Paco - yes, he's licking the frosting off the cake!

We celebrate family birthday's monthly and this was our June Party for Grandma Ann and Aunt Laura. Party was at Granda & Nana's and it was a fabulous time with family!

As you can see, Antonio doesn't venture far from the cake. He's not on to presents yet but he knows what cake and ice-cream are and doesn't want to take any chance on missing out on them! He loves ice-cream and will eat his, mine and yours if you're not careful!

Here he is with the cake and Aunt Laura (celebrating 45 years!!!). He's pretty serious because he's helping hold the cake up for the picture and that was a pretty big job with everyone telling him to "be careful!"

There are more fun pix on our website so be sure to check them out - Uncle Larry had fun at Aunt Laura's expense on her 45th. She's 6 months older than her husband's "oldest brother" and he never lets her forget it!

She is Antonio's Godmother so we have lots of fun with finding things to honor her. This year, we found a larger Italian charm that says "Godmother" in red. She liked it so that's even better!

Here's a great shot of Paco on the pot -
Nana dumped him in the water and he said, "COLD NANA!"

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