Monday, July 03, 2006

McCall, ID

Nothing like Daddy's Moxie Java!
On Friday evening we loaded up the pick-up and headed to the mountains! My parents, Roy, Paco and I needed to take some material up for a job we're doing and since there were meetings on Saturday, we just had to spend the night! We stayed at the Hunt Lodge - Holiday Express and enjoyed a nice swim/soak before bed.
We had a fabulous prime rib dinner at The Mill and since each couple split our meal, we treated ourselves to one dessert of Mud Pie between the five of us. Yum Yum!
Saturday came sunny and we walked across the street to the Pancake House for another shared meal. The guys joined us after their prosperous meeting at Tamarack. After breakfast, the guys dropped Mom and I off downtown for some shopping and they went back to work - this was a business trip after all...
I hit the jackpot at the Thrift Store getting sandals for Mel, Tay and Paco and a dress for Mel, as well! Tay's sandals are Tevas! WHOO HOO!! From there, we walked around, not buying much of anything before meeting up with Roy & babe at the lake. Granddad was napping in the pick-up.
Here's Daddy and Paco getting their feet wet in the Payette Lake. It was a gorgeous day and very hot by McCall standards. Each store we went in had the A/C cranked up and Mom was just freezing!!
Paco loved the water and would have gone way out had Daddy not been there to hold him back. Yes, the water was freezing but the little man didn't seem to mind at all! He cried when it was time to go eat lunch at Toll House Pizza. Delish, I could add. We ate outside and the weather was perfect!
Our time ended all too soon and we came back to the Valley to enjoy the rest of our weekend. What a much needed get-away! Thanks, honey!!!

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