Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"The Big House"

Yesterday ended up being very stressful and emotional for me. We met with the loan officer and it took over two hours. However, we were pleasantly surprised to be "pre-approved" pending verification of information we have provided.

SOOO, we met with our realtor last night and made an offer on the "big house." Simply put, we feel we offered them a very reasonable deal and their (seller's) realtor seemed pleased to have our offer coming in.

Now, we wait! They have until 10:00 Wed (tomorrow) morning to respond to our offer. We do know that there is another offer coming today so please pray that if we're to have this home, God will work it all out.

We have set a tentative closing date of Jan 19, 2007 or sooner but not before Jan. 1. It's a little longer for seller's to wait but if the $$ is better they will wait a month longer than the other offer so, it's possible.

Thankfully, since the last post we have paid off the five government liens and have two more that will take care of ASAP. After that, we're good to go!!! YIPPEE!!!

Can't post any pictures today - another time I guess.

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