Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so blessed. I have a wonderful family, great & supportive husband & a loving God who actually loves me!

We had a wonderful day of thanks. I made the turkey, dressing and a fabulous pumpkin dessert for our feast at my parent's home. After stuffing ourselves there, we moved on to Roy's family feast for more foods, though I opted for tortillas and rice that round.

I miss my kids. It's an even year so that means they go with their biological mothers for all the holidays. 2007 is just around the corner though and that's our year so I can make it through this next month. We will have a nice dinner Sat night with our "little family" and count our blessings together.

I got up bright & early this morning and braved the crowds at Macy's. Didn't buy anything but so enjoyed the time with my Mom. We then went out to breakfast with Granddad, Daddy, Nana, Moma & Paco. Yummy!

I have baked 5 batches of bread today and feel good about that. Here is a cute little picture of Antonio helping me stir.

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