Saturday, November 11, 2006

Phase 2 in Progress

View from inside the house is to the east

As for the house we're trying to buy.... going good!!!
We had the home inspected on Tuesday and while the list is long, it should be! It's an older home that has lots of TLC. We expected a thorough list and we got one. Now, we have the weekend to go through each item and decide if we're going to accept it "as is" or ask the seller's to fix some things. This is hard to do because it was listed "as is" and to ask them to take care of some things might make it so they walk away from our sell and re-list it. We're waiting for the septic and well inspections to come back, too.

We're getting more and more excited about it as time progresses and it looks like a reality for us.
It has met our checklist of musts and then just overflowed into desires:
1) Same school district
2) Close to a Friends Church
3) Has some acreage
4) Outbuildings or place to build outbuildings
5) Enough space for our family of 8.
At 4400 sq ft of living space it more than meets our "needs" and flows into the wants. With 4 bedrooms upstairs and 1 down all the kids will be up with us except the big boys. The bedrooms are small but I think they built it with the thought in mind that the bedrooms were for sleeping as they made the family and living rooms H-U-G-E!!!
The kids saw the house for the first time on this week and for the most part love it. They realize it will be work, too, so that takes a little of the "fun" out of it for them. That's okay, they're kids!

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