Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Exciting last night but not in the fun sense.

We had just left Melynda's basketball game and were on our way out to Nana's to drop her off when a mini van pulled out from Ustick in front of us on 10th Ave and we hit her.

Thankfully, we were all wearing our seatbelts (always) and we have a big heavy rig. The van's entire side was crushed in but they weren't hurt either. Airbags did NOT deploy.

We took me to the hospital for observation of the baby and they thought they detected some small contractions but after 2 1/2 hrs they had completely subsided and they sent us home.

We had Antonio with us but again, nobody was hurt. He did not like the firemen making a fuss over his moma and that's when he really cried and got scared.

My neck is really sore today as are my hips and low abdomen from the seat belt. Roy's sore as well.

Our car is still drivable but will need a whole new front end.

The other driver is from California, was in a rental car and she was given two citations. 1) Failure to yield at the stop sign 2) No proof of insurance.

Thanks for your continued prayers for us! Roy and I are sore but the kids haven't complained or acted hurt - Praise God.

As for the house update - inspection was today and went well. We should have the full report by tomorrow. Also met with the septic man and that was beneficial. The well water is being tested and things are moving right along! YEAH, another praise!


  1. Anonymous8:25 AM

    I am so glad everything and everyone is okay - especially with the baby! What a moron that driver was....just hope you don't pay the extra price of your car insurance going up due to her stupidity!

  2. Wow! How scary! I'm glad you are all doing okay.


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