Thursday, December 14, 2006

3rd Trimester and More

Week 27 has begun and with it the last of the 3 trimesters for this pregnancy. It's going by so fast this time. I haven't even begun to think about going through baby clothes yet. Of course with a move happening before baby arrives I'm thinking it will all get done at once.

So, right now, el bebe weighs over 2 pounds and total length is nearly 16"! He's a mover and let's me know he's here often (like I could forget!).

I have another appointment next Friday (22nd) and will take the glucose test and get my RH- shot. Fun times, huh? Not sure I'm looking forward to being weighed before Christmas but guess it doesn't matter. tee hee.

House Update Things are progressing nicely for us. It's obvious the Lord's hand is in this and making things happen. To come up with extra money this time of year is next to impossible and yet, HE is working it all out! The money is basically in the bank for the lender to see we have it for the down. Interest rates have come down since our initial application so we get to save an additional .25 percent on our loan AND all we're waiting for are our W-2 forms for 2006! According to the broker and others who have their hand in this, there is nothing holding us back now. Praise God!

Christmas Baking is happening around here. Yesterday was my main baking day (every 10 days) and today is the overflow on the sourdough bread I make that sits over night and then all day today before baking it and having fresh delish bread from the oven at supper tonight. Ahhh. With Christmas carols blaring, Paco dancing and tearing things up, I am able to get some things done.

A little different this year Roy and I decided to change things up a bit with the presents this year. Instead of names being on gifts, we drew numbers from a bowl and assigned each of us a number. So, I can wrap presents and nobody will know which gift is theirs until Christmas Eve morning when we open! It adds frustration and excitement to the mix and we'll see how it goes! Trying to keep Paco out of the presents is a little work but I'll stand firm!!


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  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    I am so glad things are flowing so smoothly for you! Don't worry about the weight until after the holidays pass! ;)

    Spread that good luck dust around soon for 2007!


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