Monday, February 26, 2007

We Have Internet!

Finally, after going through withdrawls from not having internet access, we are set! I am wireless as I type upstairs with the router downstairs in our soon to be office. Not just any internet I might add, but awesome speedyquick!!! It's speedy alright. Even on "minimal strength" I'm cruising right along. It's faster than our DSL ever was, if one can imagine that.

Phoneless, yes. I actually like it! No ringing during mealtimes. Fewer calls for the kids; which is VERY nice and quietness abounds. We'll be all set on Friday with phone so no worries. Until then, just call our cells.

Tomorrow is office day. Trying like crazy to get our tax info to the accountant before this baby comes. We're pushing it for sure as the contractions are getting stronger each day and I have no idea how dilated I am now. Next appt is Thursday.

Baby's room is all but done and we'd be fine if he came now. Paco's room is darling - the big boy's room is set and the girls are fine. They just need help hanging some big things. Our room is finally painted and our dressers are in the room now. WHOO HOO! Also a big deal is the toilet is hooked up in our bathroom so I have very short trips to the loo during the night now. YEAH!

I'll try to post more pictures on the House Blog as I can. Until then - stay tuned for more baby news!!!

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