Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fun Days

Yesterday we took all the kids to Eagle for their annual Fun Days! It was something that Roy used to do with the kids before I came along, something we did while dating and something I did as a single gal growing up... then we got married and quit going. ???

So, we went. Took a hundred bucks from the ATM and away we went to throw money to the wind - literally it seemed. :(
Here is Paco on a ride, having a blast, wearing his new BSU football jersey from his brothers.

And here the two of us are riding the horses. I have to say, the ride seemed to last forever!!! Doubt it did but it felt like to me, sitting astride the saddle.

From the carnival, we finished off our "moo-la" on a wonderful mexican dinner at Casa Mexico. I had chicken mole enchiladas that my baby boy is paying for today. Bummer. They were delicious last night but not so much today on his tummy. Poor baby. A grand dinner and the kids were so well behaved. All the servers kept commenting on how well behaved they were. YEAH!

It seems the big boys always have plans of some sort and we've been going a hundred miles an hour so it was a welcome break and treat to be all together for an evening of fun, food and family. Course, with that combo, can one go wrong?

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