Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Three Years Old

Well, Antonio has remained at the top of the growth charts for another year! Weighing in at a whopping 38 pounds, he's in the 95th% and at 39 1/2" he's in the 85th% for height. He did wonderfully at his doctor appointment today. Got the giggles when they were listening to his heart and lungs; which prolonged the experience... no shots today! YEAH!! For some reason, he wanted to nurse and I think that came about since Javier "got" to nurse at his appointments. Silly boy. I treated him to a Starbuck's hot cocoa instead! (I needed a treat, too, of course and opted for the Nonfat Dulce de Leche latte.) Being the good daughter I am, I took my mother her fave "peppermint mocha" and delivered it to her work.

Always, faithful, my Dad met us at the doctor's office to help me with both boys. What would I do without him??? Hope I don't know for a very very long time.

Paco did great answering all the questions and re-telling stories from the past year. It wasn't as challening as his preschool exam so he did great. Thankfully, he does wear a helmet when he rides the motorcycle. We do need to be better about him wearing it on his battery-operated four-wheeler.

Well, a birthday post is next with pictures so stay tuned!

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