Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Love Church

I really do love church. I love my church family but more importantly, I love being in God's House! I love being in His presense. I know I can have that outside of church and I do sometimes, but I just love love the worship there.

And, today was POTLUCK!!! While some are scared to death of potlucks and the scary dishes they see there, I for one and my family for another, LOVE potluck Sunday. Today, I took a hominey taco bake that is probably one of those scary dishes but oh so good. People around here aren't familair with hominey but we had some folks from Texas there and one said to the other, "I don't know what it is but it must be good 'cause there's hominey in it!" I kid you not!!! In the whole thick Texas drawl that I can't portray on here.....

I love all the casseroles, salads and DESSERTS!!! Yummy! We also get to take home leftovers since we're a big family and I love being creative with that but sometimes am lazy and we just eat them Sunday night as is. :)

Anyway, I needed church today and am so glad I went. We prayed for Javier, my Dad and his surgery, my niece who is due anyday and others who needed lifted up to God by our church family. I just feel better.

Thank you, Jesus!!!

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