Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January Blues

Ugh, I hate the month of January. Isn't that sad? I should have a baby born in this month so there was some joy here. Well, that's a poor excuse to have a baby, I mean it's too bad one of my kiddos wasn't born during January so there was joy.

The wind blows now through March. The snow never stays long enough here. Inversion sets in and never leaves and if it does, it's back the next day.

I get crabby, cranky, tired, fat and unmotivated.

Now that I know all this, don't you think I might actually do something about it other than write here?!?!?! Well, maybe I will. But I probably won't. :(

Oh, and W-2's, 1099's and all 4th quarter reports are due by January 31st which the IRS can just about ruin any month they're involved; in my humble opinion that is.

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  1. I hear you - - these winter months are so hard, especially being cooped up inside with rambunctious kiddos. I am MAKING myself walk on my treadmill every day when Griffin naps and Camden is at school, and it is making a HUGE difference. I swear, I am actually starting to look forward to exercising every day. How crazy is that? I always just tell myself "by March it starts to get warmer", so just a few more weeks to go! Hey! We need a playdate!


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