Friday, February 22, 2008

Mexico, Here We Come!

On our honeymoon, Roy and I made a quick get-away to Puerto Vallarta. We had a fabulous time! We stayed at the Sheraton and had a walk to town and around. But, it was just the two of us and we didn't mind - it was our honeymoon, remember?!?!

We had such a great time that the next summer we took two of our three kids at the time, Troy & Melynda and stayed in Casa de Los Suenos . It was closer to town and walking right into downtown was great - it was downhill! Yes, the other way was up hill. Up, up, up, hill.

Fast forward two summers from then as we had a baby in between and took our little Paco, along with my parents to the same city, staying in Villa Franchesca. It was wonderful. We had such a great time. There were still hills to climb but we were close to everything. It was not meant for babies, though, so we were always on guard.

Each trip we did different things, seeing new places, trying new things and having complete different experiences each and every time!

So.... with boys Troy and Reggie graduating this year, we are making a grand stand trip to the same area. A little farther north to the city of Bucerias but a nice day trip to places we've been, should we choose to go back. And, I'm sure we will.

One place Roy and I have gone to each time on a date is El Panorama Restaurant. We went there two or maybe three times on our honeymoon, only eating dinner there the first time then going for a very late night dessert and coffee to see the sun set and dark cascade upon the city. When we had the kids, we left them all alone (breathe) and got them Domino's pizza!!! With my parents, they stayed in one night and kept Paco and we had a date together, just the two of us. I really don't know if we'll get to see this breathtaking view place on our next trip since we're not in the same city but I'm sure something will work out for us to get a date in. ;)

This is Gaby's Comida Corrida. You can get their lunch special for 45 pesos (~4.50 US) It's authentic, real and worth finding. Yes, we've gone here several times on our different trips. I wouldn't be surprised if our trip to Vallarta included lunch at Gaby's. I remember ordering a mole dish here and it was memorable! Their limonada is the best around, according to the kids, who tried limonada everywhere. (It's made with limes, not lemons.)

Well, this should wet your whistle for a little bit. Don't worry, I'll be sure to offer more posts on our Mexican Adventures.


  1. Anonymous5:35 PM

    what a wondeful reminder of all the wonderful trips we have shared to Vallarta.
    Great Job
    Your Hubby

  2. How exciting! When are you going?


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