Friday, February 22, 2008

Day 21

Since last night was Soup and Salad Supper at church, we got a nice variety for din-din.

Last night the boys were in charge of fixing supper since I had to take Javi to the doctor and then to SLRMC for another complete blood count. We're praying he's fine and he seems to be on the mend this morning....

Supper - we're three weeks into The Island and the boys found macaroni noodles, cream of mushroom soup and tuna to make a nice one-pot meal!

Thanks, boys. It was tasty and I didn't have to cook.

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  1. I do a soup/salad or soup/sandwich night once a week here because it is quick and inexpensive! We also do pizza every Friday for the same reason, plus we love pizza. I make my dough in the bread machine, and it is a simple recipe to make ahead of time and freeze in balls. Granted, you have many more mouths to feed than I do! I feel like I am finally getting the hang of meal planning, after all this time! It is a lot of work, isn't it?


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