Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Entertainer

What an amazing experience! One day, while we were in Puerto Vallarta, hanging out on the Malecon, eating yummy food, sitting right next to Los Arcos, it began to rain.

And rain. So, we did what every other local did - RAN FOR COVER!!! Cover seems to be the overhang from a building that has steps and looks right on the plaza. We sat while Paco played. In the rain.

Yes, mijo, that is water. And you are wet. Very wet. I'm not sure you'd be any wetter if you were in a pool!!!

Hi! We see you - as does everyone else. Yes, you are the entertainer. Keep it up - you're making the minutes pass by faster.

"Hey! Stop! I mean, ALTO!!! Donde vas? AHHH - HHHEEEYYY!!!"
"You have my toy. My parents won't buy it - but you have it. Please, give it to me." This is seriously the kind of things he told people. And it was true. And I laughed.

Our funny guy.

Yes, it's rain, dear. Are you getting cold yet? No? Ahhh, that's because it's a warm rain - and it's neater - and better - cause we're in Mexico. That's why.
"Man, it's getting in my eyes."

"And I like it."

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