Friday, July 11, 2008

Mexican Vacation - Day One

Oh my, we left so early!!! My brothers came to pick us up since we needed two rigs, it took both of them living here to get us all to the airport. They were here by 4 A.M. I dressed Javier and Paco in their clothes the night before to ease the morning rush... everyone else's clothes were laid out. What made it easy was we had a tie-dying project that week and we all wore the green shirts we dyed! It was beautiful. Everyone knew we were together and that made travel in the airport and through security SO much easier. I already have color requests for the next trips. Purple is next, I guess... thanks Reggie.

Anyway, no breakfast and we were out the door and headed to the airport. Everything went great - transition in L.A. was smooth and fast and before we knew it, we were on the last leg of our arriving trip, looking down into the gorgeous blue water below.
Finally, we land at the Puerto Vallarta airport and walk across the freeway to get cheaper taxi cabs. It takes two cabs and we pay $50 for the two of them to take us to our gorgeous villa in Bucerias, Nayarit, Mexico - 20 minutes away from the airport.

Just arrived at our villa. WE MADE IT!!!

And then, the excitment begins. Just when we're all relaxing and the kids are swimming...
Adults are visiting, remembering past fun times pool-side at The Ranch, everyone getting along...

Direct from my journal:"The pool is set on the hill so half of it a little out of the water (see picture above) and then the rest is progressively out of the water, 8-9' out of the water. (It's all the rock and stone you can see in the picture above.) Paco was trying to make a diving board out of a boogie board and flipped over the high side. He was crying, "Help Me!!! HELP ME!!!!" I ran, barefoot, saw him sprawled out on the cobblestones with blood running down his face laying on his stomach. It was an awful image. I immediatley prayed, "Please, Jesus!" Paco was moving his neck so I scooped him up, yelling to Roy and my Dad, "Somebody come help me!!!" I ran with him in my arms, blood running all over, up the cobblestone drive where Roy took him from my arms. He laid him down on the deck and assessed the damage. It was bad."

How bad?
Day One to be continued.... with pictures..... later.

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