Saturday, July 12, 2008

Surgery - Mexico Style

How bad??? Once we got all the blood wiped off of him, we realized he had split his chin open, deeply, and had a huge bump forming on him left eyebrow with a small gash in it. His left side was scraped and he couldn't walk. Pretty bad.

Here are the pictures Troy took of us doctoring Paco. Thank the Lord we brought the Melaleuca 1st Aid Kit with all we'd need but butterfly bandanges in it. We, okay I, immediatley poured oil into the gaping chin and gently got some on his eye. Then, I applied the Triple Antibiotic Ointment to it, generously and rubbed some MelaGel on his eye. From there, Roy and Granddad made butterfly bandages out of band-aids and got his chin closed up.
While they worked on his face, and got ice on his eye, I got oil and ointment on the abrasions down his chest, ribs and side.

Here was our first rushed butterfly suture. We got better after this, making the tails shorter.

Here is our little soldier at dinner that night, after a nap with his Granddad. (Not sure how much rest Granddad got.) His left leg hurt terribly and he couldn't/wouldn't walk. We were fairly certain it wasn't broken because we'd rub our hands up and down the bones and that didn't hurt him. Ended up a big ol' ugly bruise on the hip. We thought of his pains as one who has been in a car accident - the impact was HUGE for him and he was sore. Very very sore.
Paco and his Uncle Larry have a game going and Paco was trying really hard to give an "Uncle Larry face." It lacked.
Is that not the saddest thing?!?!
DAYS later the eye is healing, as is the chin.

And here is our brave one, with lifejacket on, looking to see how far done he actually fell. It was a LONG LONG way, let me tell you. I just couldn't bring myself to take a picture of the blood on the cobblestones.
Later that night, I told Roy, "I can't believe I already have something to blog about and we haven't even been here 12 hours."
Today? He is fine. Scab from his chin came off today. He may have a little scar but time shall tell. That oil is a wonder - truly amazing. And prayers - for all those who prayed for us... thank you.
Are you ready for Day 2 yet??? Day One plumb wore me out, I tell ya!


  1. Oh my WORD, Joy! I lay awake last night, thinking about that last picture of the swimming pool and poor little Paco falling over the side! Steve and I cannot figure out how he didn't get a concussion or any broken bones. Poor little guy! I'm so glad to hear that he is healing nicely and the worst is behind him. I think little boys will keep us on our toes, that is for sure.
    I wanted to echo what you said about the Melaleuca first aid kit - - I have one too, and I have already used it more times than I can count! I is so nice to just be able to open up my bathroom closet and reach for it, knowing it has everything I need. Also, Camden is highly allergic to mosquitoe bites. We've always used "Aftabite" to help with the itching (with little to no result), but when I got my kit, I tried the Dermacort and it is a miracle cream as far as I am concerned!

  2. Prayer, I tell ya. The ledge is pretty wide where Paco is in that picture so it's not as scary as it looks but it is when you read the post and see how far he fell.

    I'll never leave home without "the kit" again - not ever. We'll have one in each car... bags... maybe I'll take two. ;)


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