Friday, February 13, 2009

Kirk Cameron Will Only Kiss His Wife!!!

"Christian actor Kirk Cameron forced movie bosses to cast his wife Chelsea as a smooching stand-in for his new film Fireproof, because he refused to kiss his onscreen wife.

In the movie, Cameron plays a firefighter battling to save his marriage
to his wife, played by
Erin Bethea. However the 37 year old had made a vow to Chelsea - his wife of 17 years and the mother of his six children - that he would never kiss another woman on or off-screen, so she was brought onto the set for a romantic scene.

Cameron, a partner in evangelical Christian ministry,
The Way of the Master, explains, "In Fireproof, there is a romantic and touching scene where he (character) kisses his wife. Because I have a commitment not to kiss any other woman, my wife Chelsea came in to the set and wore the dress my character's wife wore. We shot the scene in silhouette, so when I kiss my wife, I'm actually kissing my wife and honoring our marriage." "It's a personal commitment I have made to my wife."
(This news article provided by World Entertainment News Network)"

I did a search and you wouldn't believe the kind of flack that Cameron has received over his committment to his wife! Can these people possibly think that if more of hollywood actors made this big of deal over their marriages that perhaps they'd still be married today? I mean, married to the same person they were 10 years ago?

Lust, sex and intimacy are a huge part of movies and personally, it doesn't bother me if they're kissing their own spouse during the movie - in fact, I think it's better!

Just my two cents - I just read so many sites of people bashing him for taking this stand. It really made me sick. It was crazy. Mean. It was sinful. The name calling and swearing they were doing to show how he ended Growing Pains with his "fanatic beliefs." You know what?

He's still married - to his FIRST wife!!! We need more actors like him. We need more people like him to show our children and US that it's not hollywood who makes the rules - we do.


  1. Totally with you on this one! Good for him.. so nice to see someone who has made a promise and keeps to it. So simple.

  2. Hi Joy! I haven't seen the movie yet, but hope to.

    As far as the soup goes, it should feed the 10 of you one meal unless you're all really big eaters, but you could double it if you have a big stockpot and want leftovers. Hope that helps!

  3. You know, I had always wondered about this. I didn't know it was his wife that stood in... but am so happy to hear that. I had thought a lot about the conversations he and his wife must have had in order to let him "act" like he was kissing another woman. So glad to hear that he stood his ground and it was his real wife! Yeah for marriage!


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