Thursday, March 05, 2009

What is Sabbath?

Roy and I have been challenged by many sources to really look at our Sabbath and together with the Lord set aside that time for Him. We've tried several things and here is a bit of our journey:

What does the word Sabbath mean? Webster says, "A season or day of rest." 2. "A time of rest or repose; intermission of pain, effort, sorrow, or the like."

Sabbath is 1 out of 7 units in time where one rests and worships the Lord. Can I just say that our Sunday is full of worship but no rest? We are on the go and not even home, from the morning when we leave for church to 7:30-8:00 at night when we get home from church! Yes, most of this is choice (okay, all is I guess...) we are involved in our morning English services and then we have our traditional dinner at my parent's home, then I have worship practice for the Spanish service - then Spanish service. Then Youth Group immediatley following... then supper with the Spanish congregation at church - finally, I collapse in my bed with my feet killing me on Sunday night.

Just typing it makes me tired. Amazingly, though, God gives me the energy and desire to keep going and doing His will. And it's wonderful. I am trying to listen for the whisper that will come so I don't burn out. And I have a very supportive family who helps with my children and a great hubby who is by my side the whole time.

This to say - Sunday's are not a day of rest. We are leading worship -not basking in his goodness and grace as children of the King. So, here we are, looking to set aside time for Him.

1/7 units in time to God. I am familiar with this concept from working at the college and having faculty go "on Sabbatical." It was a longed for time and a time not to be taken lightly, either. Plans and ideas were set in place long before their Sabbatical started.

This got me to thinking that I ought to plan and be prepared for my Sabbatical. Whether I set aside 1 hour out of every 7 hours, 1 day out of 7, 1 week out of 7 weeks, 1 month out of 7 months or 1 year out of 7 years, I should be prepared and excited! I should anticipate it's coming with passion and hope!

Sadly, I don't. I haven't. Thankfully, my God is one of forgiveness and second chances and so I am re-evaluating my Sabbatical and making plans so that I, too, long for the Sabbath to come.

I am trying to set aside one day a week, apart from Sunday, to be my Sabbath. What is hard is trying to coordinate this day with Roy. Today we are able to designate the morning and early afternoon to God. Come late afternoon and evening, though, we are on the go and Roy has some work that needs done in the office.... life, I guess.

So, how do you incorporate life into your Sabbath? If we set Sunday aside as our Holy Day - in the presence of God and His family, what does our private time look like?

So far, I have prayed, read scripture and journaled. I had a cup of coffee with my Mom. I had couple time with Roy and bonding time with Javier. And now I write thoughts and questions here.
This thought process leads me to think about Queries 1 and 2:
Query 1. Do you live in vital relationship with God, trusting in Jesus Christ as your saving Lord and obeying the leadings of the Holy Spirit? Is Christ’s presence evident in your life?

Query 2. Do you cultivate your spiritual growth through prayer and Bible reading and through attendance at meetings for worship and study? Are you finding joy in the Lord?
For me these two go hand in hand, as do most queries. I need to listen to all of His commands, including setting time apart to be with Him. If Christ's presence is going to be evident in my life, I have to spend time with Him! And that happens through cultivating my spiritual growth through prayer and Bible reading. Through spending time with fellow Believers and finally, finding joy in the Lord.
It's a process, I know. But I have to start somewhere. I have to start sometime. Why not now?

Do you set aside another time, other than Sunday to rest and worship?

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  1. This is REALLY worth looking at and asking ourselves these questions. For involved, committed Christians Sunday can be one of the BUSIEST days of the week, especially for the pastor and his family! They take Monday and I wish we could figure out how to take some time as well. Anyway, thanks for making us think! :)


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