Thursday, April 02, 2009

Days 1 & 2 to a Greener You!

With all the buzz surrounding eco-friendly living these days, you may wonder where to start. But reducing your impact on the planet can be simple, and every action does make a difference. Want even more incentive to change? Most green actions will save you money, limit waste, enhance your health and even increase your overall physical activity—all while benefiting the planet. Here are 30 daily tips to get you started.

For the month of April, I am going to bring you one green tip a day. I'm not doing well, since I'm already behind! I will let you know if I'm NOT doing something I list and why; otherwise, I am already doing it! These are on a calendar I have and I'm going to share them with you! Aren't you excited?!

Day 1:
Recycle. Most people can recycle more than they do. Paper, magazines, cardboard, cereal boxes, glass, aluminum foil, cans and even grocery bags should go in your bin, not the trash.

Day 2:
Use cloth napkins. All disposable items hurt the environment, and that includes paper products
like napkins. In the end, you'll save money by investing in cloth, which also looks more sophisticated.

On another note, it's rainy and cold here today. I wanted to plant some in my garden today but it's way to muddy for that. Another day, hopefully soon!!!

Javier on his 2nd Birthday!

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  1. Javier is SO beautiful!! Beautiful boy!

    I am a big recycler and like to leave the good stuff (aluminum cans, etc.) for the needy who come along and collect like from the fields in the old days (gleanings, if you will). They are always so happy and we have a couple of people who it is very important to.

    Thanks for the reminder. Tonight is garbage/recycling night. :)


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