Friday, April 03, 2009

Day 3 to a Greener You

In December, I brought you this post and now here's a reminder on Day 3:

Bring your own bag. Bring reusable bags everywhere, from the grocery to the mall. If you can't afford to buy bags, then reuse the plastic ones you already have. If you don't need a bag for your items, politely decline.

I haven't made any bags yet but that something I have in mind for us. I'm such the expert seamstress it shouldn't be any big deal - ha ha. I won't tell you how long it took me to sew cloth napkins - and that was just hemming 'em! LOL.

I have my own bags everywhere and am really good about remembering them. It took me walking back to the car many times to get my bags, carrying things out in my arms because I forgot them to be at the place where I actually remember them 9/10 times now. My mother on the other hand.... well, let's just say, she's glad she has me along. ;) She tries. She has many bags in her car, it's just remembering to take them with her.

Also, keep in mind - some stores, Winco and Fred Myers are two I know of, offer penny discounts for each bag you bring in. Winco is 5 cents a bag and Freddies is 6 cents, I think!!! It does add up - I can save a .50 easy going to Winco with my bags. That's $$$$ in my pocket! No matter how small, it adds up.

You don't have to do everything to make a difference, start small if you haven't started and pick something that interests you. Build from there. If you already do Days 1 & 2 but not Day 3, perhaps you're ready to add BYOB to the mix! Stay tuned - 27 more tips are coming your way!

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  1. Good reminder. Now if I could just remember to keep them in all the cars. Oh, you'll want to know this: Whole Foods donates .05 a bag to the a variety of charities and you get to choose which one each time. I always support the battered women's shelter here locally.


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