Monday, April 06, 2009

Little Brothers and Day 6 Tip

Paco, Javi and Zorro in my bed:
At my parents home:
At Indian Creek having lunch:

Playing in my kitchen:

At nursery looking for bargains:

At mealtime:

Fighting over vintage rocker that was my oldest brothers':

Long ago being brothers:
There are snapshots from my blackberry phone. :)
Day 6 - Save water. Turning it off while brushing your teeth is a given. Take it further by installing low-flow showerheads and the savings will add up! Also consider a rain collecting barrel for grass and plant watering.
I have already told DH that I want a water barrel! Let's see if I get one this spring since April showers bring May flowers!!! I also turn off the water when I shave my legs while my conditioner is uh.... conditioning. This saves water, obviously. I just rinse the razor in a cup!


  1. The Hubby4:14 PM

    They are the cutest when they are just hanging out and playing together.


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