Saturday, October 10, 2009

Checking Up on 2009 To Do List

This past January, I posted Living for Jesus in 2009 and several "bullet points" of other things I wanted to do this year. Areas I wanted to change, improve in...

It's October 10th and I think it's time I review. Want to join me? It might be scary...

My General Priorities:

Staying home.... yes and no. I had three HUGE trips this year - being gone a total of 45 days from home BUT when we were home, I think we did a good job of being home. I haven't felt the need to leave home just to go somewhere too often. Even this summer, we did a great job of being home and enjoying ourselves. So, I feel good about this one.

Hug the kids more. I think yes but will need to ask them if they have seen (or felt) any difference this past year.

Kiss the hubby. Again, I need to ask DH if he feels I've done a good job in this area.

Read more. Sadly, no. Maybe that will change with the cool weather.

Play with the dog. I've spent time with Zorro. Time he and I have enjoyed. Play? As in roll around on the floor? No.

Work outside. Clearly no. Pathetic, is all I can say.

Stay on our budget. Uhhhh. kinda? Let's say, we felt we needed some HELP in this area so we became lifetime members of Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey and are SO glad we did. We're just starting week 5 but we're so glad we did this. We're going to be the coordinators at our church in January so we can not only take it again but give others the opportunity. Lifechanging. And that's exactly what we need.

I then went on and listed 12 items I also wanted to do in addition to the lifestyle changes above. I'm going to list the ones I have done by number and you can see what they are here.

#2 - YES!!!! Long ago in 2009 this happened.

#4 - YES! It's a process but I have most definitley improved.

#5 - Yes. Now. Thanks to Dave.

#7 - Yes.

#8 - I think so. I'd have to add up all the things I have done but I do believe this was accomplished.

#9 - YES! We have a temporary line up in the sun room and it's worked like a charm!

#12 - Amazing how we humans sometimes need tough times to help us stay focused on Jesus. Yes, I have grown in the Lord this year. I'd like to see it continue by adding #3 but just haven't done it. Just being honest here.

So, there you have it! Did any of you make a list for 2009? How have you done this year?

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