Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Living for Jesus in 2009!

I'm never good at keeping resolutions. Why is that? Are they unachievable to start with? Are they done spur of the moment without true desire to achieve them?

In December, I posted ways I want to change 2009.

I don't know. What I do know is my list is different this year. I've been working on it for a few weeks now, maybe a month, and here's what I've come up with:

2009 General Priorities:

Spend more time in my home.
Hug the kids more.
Kiss the Hubby - more.
Read more
Play with the dog
Work outside (yard & garden)
Stay on our budget

This Year I Would Also Like to:

#1 - Get my own chicken flock. This includes having our own eggs and raising some birds for fryers.

#2 - Finish converting my pantry to all organic staples and as many items as I can buy organically.

#3 - Return to having "Coffee with Jesus" each morning. I did this when I was single and need to get back to it. Now. This year. This entails, simply, doing nothing but having a cup of joe with my Lord and Savior, Jesus! If led, scripture reading and always prayer.
#4 - Continue to improve my Spanish speaking.

#5 - Get back on budget and stay on track to live debt free.

#6 - Grown my own organic garden this year! I have started the process by already buying many seeds and have a nice pile composting.

#7 - Convert to cloth napkins - make my own napkins!

#8 - Do one "new for me" thing a month to be as frugal as I can!

#9 - Get a clothes line up and stop using my dryer so much!

#10 - Use my gym membership at least twice a week!! (I wonder when this should start???)
#11 - Learn to sew. This is huge for me. I want to make napkins (see #7) and grocery/shopping/cloth totes.

#12 - Focus on 2009 General Priorities (above). If I don't do anything else this year, I want to grow spiritually and enjoy my family. Everything else is second. By growing spiritually, Jesus will continue to guide me into becoming the wife and mother He created.

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  1. You are so right about growing spiritually being the key, Joy. I find that, unfortunately, if I'm pressed for time the first thing to get cut is my time with Jesus. One of my goals this year (and every year, really) is to be more committed to my daily time with Him - the same way I commit time to my children or my husband. He deserves it!!


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