Monday, January 17, 2011

Family Vacay

Since I forgot the cable to load pictures from the camera...there won't be any pix on it. Sorry.

We decided at Christmas to take a mini vacay to see my brother who lives in Hailey. This is a long weekend, celebrating MLK Day so we will remember while sledding!

On Sunday after church, we ate a yummy chili meal my Mom had made and hit the road for Hailey! Rain and fog greeted us for the the majority of the drive and warm weather made the roads non-icy.

We arrived at supper time and my brother met us at the Inn before taking us to a fantastic Mexican joint... Lago Azul. RAVE reviews from this family! The portions were generous enough most of us shared an entree. It's a small 10 table joint that has delicious authentic Mexican food. I ordered pollo con crema and shared with my mom, The girls got the same and shared. PLENTY of food. My Dad got chili colorado and the flavor was perfect, meat was tender - yum! DH got lengua en cevollada which he really enjoyed. My bro got caldo de rez and after he'd eaten all the good stuff, the little boys drank the broth! When it was time to pay, I was ready for a pretty good size check since each entree was $10... not really figuring in my head, just going by the amout of food on the table. Total bill - $55 for 9 people and more food than we could eat. Will we go back? YES! My bro eats here about once a week and I can see why!

Fun evening of hot tubbing for the kids, visiting for us old folks and then bro went home, little ones went to bed and DH, the girls and I played Banagrams and Uno til midnight! FUN!

Today will consist of getting dressed, eating and SLEDDING! We stopped and picked up a couple more sleds on the way out of town and we're in for a fun filled of BLUE skies and WHITE snow covered mountains to sled down.

The goal? To have utterly ehausted children for ride home this evening and nothing but fun memories planted in their minds for years to come.

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