Friday, January 28, 2011

Super Bowl Food

For me, Super Bowl is all about the food. It's the ONE game of the year that I care anything about and like many, I really care about the commercials. I like to see how offended I can become from the over-sexual themes marketing our young (and older?) men today...

Sorry about the side-rant. We were talking about food. Super Bowl food.

What will I make this year??? Here's my planning plate:

~ Shrimp Ceviche and red corn chips (as much organic I can but I don't let that stop me with super bowl food.) It's all about fat and grease and yummy goodness...
For this dish, I basically make picco de gallo (or buy from local Mexican store to save time) and add shrimp, lime, salt and Tapatio.

Then I sit alone, close my eyes and imagine heaven being similar to that feeling I have when eating ceviche.

~ Pulled Pork I use The Pioneer Woman's recipe. Serve with warm tortillas. We live this out on the counter all afternoon and just feast on it.

~ Brie and hot jalapeno jelly delicious.

~ Chili Con Queso, again from the Pioneer Woman. To. Die. For.

As for dessert, well, I've usually had my fill of fat by that time but I'll let my Mom serve up some ice cream for those peeps who need something sweet and cool to top it all off.

Yep, I think that's why I'm making. Oh, I almost forgot:
Little Smokies Cooked in BBQ Sauce in the crock pot. That is for my son, Reg.

And I always make WAY too much so we eat this fat laden food for a week and gain 10 lbs. Sigh.

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