Saturday, October 08, 2011

Call to Worship

John Keith Falconer said,

I have but one candle of life to burn, and I would rather burn it out in a land filled with darkness than in land flooded with light.

Tele' from World Renewal Brazil shared about the opportunity to minister in NE Brazil on the campus of Barclay College and my oldest daughter and I got to experience the Holy Spirit moving in us! Evangelical Friends has partnered with WRB and we heard two students share their testimony of their recent internship in Brazil.

The Call to Worship centered on the quote from Falconer. I love being Friend but there are times when I feel especially blessed to not only be Friend but be among other Friends. I experience that feeling often at our Yearly Meeting sessions in Oregon. I have to say, I got an unexpected dose of blessing at Chapel on Thursday at Haviland Friends Church.

I have some more time to spend in prayer as the Holy Spirit leads me on how to live my one candle of life...

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