Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Fort

My parents found this FORT (not playhouse thank you very much) on the side of the road. They stopped and found out they could have it if they came and got it... so, last night, Granddad and Dad took the boys to their surprise errand and at dark they pulled in with this:
(forgive the goolish photo - break lights, dark and person behind the camera did a number on it!)

Daylight brings this:
Inside that will soon be gutted:

More inside that needs work...LOVE the chalk board though!

There's even an option for electricity. Just plug in a reverse cord on the outside and VOILA! poower in the fort. We're opting for flashlights and lanterns right now though.

Side window that opens! New curtains have been ordered by the boys in either camo or cowboy - to be determined by what's on sale! HA!

New paint, copper penny roof, my kitchen from when I was little... put it on stilts and have a ladder to get to door, add a porch... the things being said on what we can do are endless. I'll keep you posted as progress is made!

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  1. Anonymous3:17 PM

    What a sweet deal! I bet the boys are thrill with it.



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